Awards and Recognitions

As a result of our innovative model and the transcendent mission we have with the country, we are actively participating in different competitions that recognize and drive collaboration, openness and disruption in order to bridge the gaps that exist in Latin America and especially in Peru.

We invite you to follow our different recognitions.

Ecosystem and

We want to share with the sector and our stakeholders our DNA, we are committed to the development of the digital ecosystem, participating in the different forums or panels that take place.

Our goal is to promote the development of this model in other countries and find other actors with whom to make synergies to accelerate the arrival of connectivity.

Social Responsibility and

Our goal is not only to increase connectivity, but also to capitalize our efforts by accelerating the development of the communities where we are present through digital inclusion, offering the benefits and opportunities of the digital platform such as Tele-medicine, Tele-education, Financial Inclusion, Digital Government, etc. to transform and improve the quality of life.

That is why we seek to make synergies with different actors in the environment with the aim of accelerating and increasing connected populations and with access to these benefits.

"Connect to Grow"

Peru is a beautiful country and very rich in its resources, but we are also aware of the development gaps that exist because of the complex geography. Therefore, we want not only to accelerate the advent of telecommunications, but also to be an active part in the advent of the benefits of the digital world.

As a proven result of this, we have participated as part of the Technical Evaluation Committee in Telefónica del Perú’s “Program”, which rewards rural enterprises that use ICTs to solve a problem in their localities or drive development.

If you want to know more about this program, please check the following link: