In a competitive context of high demand for financial resources for the development of the telecommunications business in urban areas of the country, the deployment of mobile service in rural areas is seen with a very uncertain future, this due to the high amounts of investment that means deploying, operating and maintaining Mobile Broadband networks in areas with complicated geography.

Thanks to the creation of IPT, an OIMR that leverages an open and innovative technological model that incorporates the use of shared access infrastructure (RAN Sharing), network virtualization and automation of operational processes for cost reduction, is it allows the country’s mobile operators, under a wholesale business model, to extend their mobile services to rural areas of the country, providing 4G mobile broadband services through the more than 3100 base stations that we have deployed throughout Peru.

Aware of the comprehensive connectivity needs, we are ready to design and implement solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, in order to provide a turnkey service that allows the development of their business in the rural areas of the Country.

Through the use of technological innovation such as RAN Sharing and an operation that incorporates automation into its processes, we have designed an open technological proposal and shared infrastructure that allows us to accelerate, efficiently and with low expansion of the mobile operators’ network into the most remote and rural areas of Peru.

Thanks to this, telecom operators will be able to continue to grow without financial barriers of investment (CAPEX) and leave us the maintenance and operation of the network in these very complex areas.

Customer and User Testimonials

With the expansion of the mobile network and the arrival of the Internet in rural areas of Peru, our client Telefónica del Peru has positively impacted in different areas of rural towns. As an example, we have testimonials from users in Moya – Huancavelica, where we made the launch of IPT:

IPT launch in Moya - Huancavelica

On June 26, 2019, IPT made its launch official in the town of Moya – Huancavelica. From there we share the main testimonials of the users of our first customer: Telefónica del Peru S.A.A.